Our Oceans and COVID-19

Our Oceans and COVID-19

The global pandemic makes us all pause and think about what the future holds. While our attention and focus are on those impacted by this horrible disease, this is also a time of deep reflection about society and its impact on the world we all inhabit.

It's a moment to reflect on the prospects for our planet and sustaining it's most fundamental life-support system -- our oceans. The shutdown has provided a glimpse at a cleaner and greener future for our world. Even though air quality will probably decrease when we all return to our "normal" lives, these changes could influence environmental policies and regulations that could have long-term effects.

At Bodhi, we believe in the importance of protecting our planet and strive for a healthy, prosperous world. That's why we donate a portion of all sales to support ocean conservation efforts. Thank you for being a Bodhi Babe and helping create a better world. Stay well!

-Emma, Co-Founder of Bodhi

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