Shark Week 2020

Shark Week 2020

Shark Week 2020 wraps up today. This annual TV highlight on the Discovery Channel first premiered in 1988. Since then, the week-long program has strived to raise awareness about ocean conservation efforts and correcting vast misconceptions about the species. Shark Week is broadcasted in 72 countries and with the recent help of social media, it has become the longest running television program event...EVER.

As we reflect on Shark Week 2020 and look forward to next year, we want to share some facts about one of our favorite kinds of marine life. Enjoy!

Did you know...

    • Scientists guess that sharks first appeared in the ocean more than 455 million years ago.
    • Sharks do not have any bones. Despite the lack of bones, they can still fossilize because they release calcium salts in their cartilage as they age. 
    • Sharks have extremely good eye sight. They can see a great distance and vivid colors even with little light.
    • Blue sharks are actually bright blue. Their name suits them!
    • Whale sharks are the largest fish in the sea. They can be as long as a school bus and they filter feed.
    • Finning is the greatest threat to global shark populations. Finning is the act of removing a shark's fins and discarding its body back into the ocean. Most of the time the shark is still alive so it left to bleed out, drown, or be eaten in the ocean. 
    • The ocean's coral reefs rely on sharks to stay healthy and active. Sharks help maintain the equilibrium within an ecosystem and prevent overpopulation. Our planet's largest source of oxygen is reliant on functioning reefs.

Sharks are vital to our global ecosystems and we must protect their longevity. As you know, we are passionate about ocean conservation at Bodhi. That's why we commit 5% of all sales to conservation efforts. Thank you for being a Bodhi Babe and helping create a better world!

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